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J.A.S. Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance

224 East Street

Methuen, MA. 01844

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Landscaping & Lawn Care Services

Lawn Mowing

J.A.S. Landscaping & Grounds Maintenance will mow your entire lawn area (using sharp mulching blades at various heights throughout the season); trim all edges, walks and borders; clean all paved areas, walks, decks, and etc. of grass clippings and pick-up of minor debris on property. We also offer lanscaping services, grass seeding, and liming. Note: Day of week is subject to fluctuate per weather or J.A.S. management decision.

Spring Clean-Up & Fall Clean-Up

During our Spring Clean-up and Fall Clean-Up process, we will perform any of the listed items that should be addressed on your property:

1. Remove any leaves/sticks and or branches from fall or left over from last year. These could have settled into flowerbeds, shrubs, around/under trees, and on the lawn.

2. Address accumulated sand build-up on pavement/beds/grassy areas due to winter road treatment, and re-rake/grade plow damaged areas.

3. Rake/ Scarify (a less aggressive de-thatching) your lawn areas. This may be necessary to remove small twigs and light debris, and to perk up the matted/dormant grass blades. This service would be performed using hand and/or mechanical equipment.

4. Gutter Cleaning

Please note: That not every piece of equipment is right for every job. Upon arrival our qualified personnel will evaluate your yard and its’ equipment needs for a timely completion. Of course, the estimate price will vary according to the size of your yard, the amount of work that you want done, and removal considerations (if any).

Scarifying Rake: This rake is attached to the front of a commercial walk-behind deck mower which will lightly de-thatch the lawn surface, collecting winter damaged grass etc. into a hopper attached to the unit.

Sweeping Equipment: Turf Sweeper This unit looks like, and is driven like a golf cart. It has two sets of rubber – fingered reels that pick up and dispense leaves and debris into a hopper on the unit.

Truck vacuum equipment:  Dump Truck with vacuum attachment.   This is a six-wheeled, high-sided dump truck with a sixteen-hp vacuum attachment mounted on the front end. This unit is used to vacuum large accumulations of leaves to be removed from the property. Typically, one landscape laborer operates the loading hose and another drives the truck.

Residential Shrub & Tree Pruning

Selected Shearing, Thinning, Sucker Removal, Heading, Trimming of shrubs and/or trees on your property, tree removal, other tree service, as previously discussed with customer. This service will display a much healthier and more balanced overall landscape of your property.